About SMART Combat

Want to try a martial art? used to do it when you were younger? fed up of the gym? SMART Combat may be for you. Our classes are designed to promote physical exercise, improving your fitness, flexibility and overall strength. We train both the mind and the body, promoting constant improvement through a specially designed six week training cycles.


Its not about standing in lines and punching, we get hands on - padwork, resistance bands and rugby shields are a part of our regular training. Our system uses a mixture of Striking and Wrestling techniques both of which require the participant to physically move their whole body as well as become familiar with moving an opponent. At the end of a session you will feel energetic, know you have worked and be wanting more the next time you attend.


A key component to any training is to understand why you are doing it, all of SMART Combats exercises can be easily explained meaning the participant can focus on the exercise and not 'what happens next'. The mind is a tool that also needs to be trained to deal with physical and mental pressure, this is a fundamental part of our sessions and leads towards employing strategies in combat situations, not just thinking about techniques.


The SMART Combat syllabus is built on the premise of building the eight key skills necessary to be effective in a combat or self defence situation. Our exercises are tailored to develop these skills as quickly as possible, knowing that they all cannot be trained at once, to produce maximum effectivness a few are focused on at any one time and then combined together in our "Model" training programme.

The eight key skills are:

  • - Balance
  • - Distance/Range
  • - Timing
  • - Angle
  • - Coordination
  • - Sensitivity
  • - Unity of Force
  • - Fighting Spirit


Most martial arts were developed hundreds of years ago before the advent of firearms. The body of human knowledge has advanced to such an incredible degree since that time, yet it is the advances of the last 20 years that have really unlocked the secrets of the body and mind that apply to martial arts. SMART uses modern day thinking and science to distill the fundamental aspects of combat into a comprehensive training program that allows the participants to develop the necessary attributes in far shorter periods of time.


FREE Taster Session 27th September 2018

Want to give SMART combat a try? we will be opening our class up all, experience not required. This will take place on Thursday 27th september at Trinty Sports Centre, from 6:30-8:30pm.

You can find more details on our facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2238244326406202/

Where & When

Our classes take place at Trinity Sports Centre, Cambridge Street, Hulme, Manchester, M15 6HP. Free parking, changing room and shower facilities are available in the sports centre to all our members.

Monday and Thursday fom 6:30-8:30pm

Private one to one sessions are also available, these can be booked by emailing manc@smartmartialarts.org.

Women's Self Defence Sessions

Since 2014, we've been sucessfuly running women's self defence courses and programmes with the local community, the universities of manchester and local businesses. To find out more about our services please email manc@smartmartialarts.org to find out more.

A few thoughts on Combat Range/Distance

Considering how close your opponent is to can in martial arts training determine the participant to consider what physical weapon to use. This could be kicks, punches, elbows, heads and grappling techniques - these are however physical tools often associated to a technique that has been repeatedly practiced multiple times. Range/Distance should also be considered in the context of Strategy, the diagram below shows the key stages of range a SMART combat student will come to understand - this doesn't just determine what you 'should do' but also how you best manage range to control a situation.

This is one example of how SMART Combat differs from other martial arts and is one of the key eight skills that underpin our training.