Meet the Team

Guy Newman

"I started martial arts at University as a hobby to help stay in shape and to learn "the secrets of kung fu". Throughout my years of training and practise I've had a lot of enjoyment with fellow students inside the classroom and also outside the classroom, gaining new friends - although the search for the secrets of kung fu have now been replaced by lots of hard work training!"

"I am now in the privileged position of a Mentor, where I can start giving back to the Manchester club by helping train the most junior students, encouraging them to get the most out of their lessons and enjoying themselves."

Pete Whitehead

"I initially started martial arts as a way to keep fit. I came to SMART because it seemed to be the friendliest option available, and as I'd never done any martial arts before I didn't know what to expect or how much time I would be able to dedicate to it. As it turned out what started as a way to exercise became a passion. Studying Kung Fu has improved my coordination, balance and confidence, and I also enjoy hitting stuff too!"

"I love the atmosphere we have in class which is very open and encourages experimentation allowing us to learn what makes movements work for you rather than performing a rote set patterns without understanding the uses. Some of my best friends have been made through SMART, and with the close ties with our university societies there are always plenty of social events that happen out of class."

Roopesh Patel

"Searching for a martial art that helps me achieve a level of mental, physical and combat mastery to the highest levels is what i sought out to achieve when I started studying various martial arts. After 6 years of studying SMART combat, I haven't found anything that comes close, or have I needed to."

"What I have learned from martial arts could be written about for many pages, though I guess to sum it up, I would say it has given me more mental freedom by giving me more balance, and a presence of mind which I think everyone should have. Has also given me confidence, and the ability to of course defend myself effectively. Teaching has also brought me many things. It has helped me to teach myself, which helps me to learn even more effectively, not just in the martial arts, and it has given me an opportunity to give back. There's nothing better."

Simon Pike

"I have always been interested in martial arts, but it was at university i finally was able to indulge this passion. I joined SMART combat as i felt the way in which the martial art was constructed seemed both fascinating and and effective. I was particularly attracted to the scientific nature in which the martial art was built, rather than being about brute strength it focussed on skill and softness in order to use the opponents force coupled with a deadly efficiency."

"Since then I have been a student for 6 years, in which time I have gained in confidence, coordination and skill. I have made many friends and am still as passionate about martial arts as when I began, I enjoy training and when I'm not training I'm thinking about it, trying to work out how to better my own combat skills and how to pass those skills on to others. I hope I can inspire the same fascination in others as i have found for myself in this deeply interesting martial art."

Nathan Tang

Nathan is the main coach of the Manchester club – he has ten years of martial arts experience including Wing Tsun, Tai Chi, Chi Kung and of course SMART Combat.

Personal profile coming soon.

Ste Legassick

"I started practicing martial arts over ten years ago with one aim, to gain more confidence. It all began whilst studying at university and suffice it to say i have not stopped yet. I often get asked why i put so much of my time in to training and teaching, the simple answer is because i cannot get enough of it. You can always get better, you can also train harder and teaching is an extremely rewarding experience."

"The manchester club is very close to my heart and i want to see every student improving and enjoying themselves in the classes. The environment is relaxed yet focused, and i have met a lot of people over the years, many of whom i can now call a friend."

"I look forward to meeting you at the Manchester club in the near future."